Asking for clarification

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Important words and phrases

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can you speak up
can you speak more slowly?
I didn't catch that
I didn't hear you then
can you read that back to me?
let me read that back to you
would you mind repeating that?
I'm afraid I didn't understand that
can he call me back?
can I just check that again?

Patrick 2013

You can click on any word for its dictionary meaning


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Who is coming?

Which month and day is he coming?

Where's he coming from?

At what time does he land?


Listen to track 18

Which words are stressed?

1 Engineer Eskola is arriving on the thirteenth of July.

2 So that's the end of July.

3 And he's coming from Tampere on flight AS three, three, five.

4 Not 'AS'. 'AF'. 'F' as in Finland

5 And did you say he leaves at three fifteen or lands at three fifteen?

Listen again and repeat the sentences

Listen to track 19

Correct each statement by reading the sentences below.

1 No, engineer Eskola arrives at the factory at eight o'clock.

2 No, he has a breakfast meeting with the managing director

3 No, he leaves on Tuesday

4 No, he flies back to Finland from the City Airport.

5 No, his flight number is BA 661