Making and taking calls

Track 8

Track 9

Track 10

Important phrases

Do you know if ...?
Can she call me back?
Can he give me a call?
Can you ask him to call me?
Can you tell him ... called?
When is she back?
Can I leave a message?

Patrick 2013


Listen to track 8

Each caller wants to leave a message.

Match calls 1 to 3 with one of these messages

Message 1: Rashid, call Gordon.

Message 2: Gordon called again. It's urgent.

Message 3: A 'friend' wants to know if you're OK for 6 pm tonight.


Listen to track 8 again

Call 1

Who is calling?

Who answers?

Where is Rashid?

When will Rashid be back?

Call 2

Who answers the call

Who does the caller want to speak to?

Who is the caller?

Call 3

Who is calling?

Which department answers?

Who does the caller want?

What is Rashid doing?

Does Rosine know Gordon?


Now listen to track 9

In English we often link words together when speaking.

We write "Tell her I called". We say "Tell'er'I called"

In which sentences from 1 to 4 are words linked?


You call someone but her collleague answers.

Listen to each sentence in track 10 and respond as below

1 Ask to speak to Midori in Marketing.

2 Give your name.

3 Give a reason for calling.

4 Ask when Midori is back.

5 Ask to leave a message.

6 Say you want to call you back on her mobile.

7 Give your mobile number.

8 Thank the person.