In this lesson we are looking at these useful phrases

  • plenty of
  • snuggle up
  • overdo it
  • seems like
  • push the boundaries
  • handheld console
  • set a limit to
  • background noise
  • settle down
  • give a break
  • mess about
  • watch the box

You can double click on any word to find its meaning

Patrick 2019

Families matter

Children and Technology

There are many positive ways that children can use technology, but it can be difficult for parents to know how much and how often children should be using it. Watch the video to learn more about technology and children and complete the activities to practise your language skills.

Here are some questions about the program.

Say the answers to yourself or a friend and then click on the question to see my answer.

Try this quiz on the phrases we have used


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In the text box below, write what you could do to limit the time your children spend looking at screens.

You might find some of these words useful:
argue, reward, restrict, hide, explain, ask