English at Work - Giving Praise

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Giving compliments and praising

giving compliments

This section is more advanced

When you compliment someone they are sometimes embarrassed.

You can download a transcript and some questions for this
"Click here"

Paul has called Tom and Anna into room 301, the place where difficult conversations happen. Perhaps Paul has found out about yesterday's unhappy clients
Listen to the recording. You may find it difficult, so play back as many times as you wish before looking at the transcript.

Here are some of the words and phrases you will hear:

Well done. You handled it well. Great job. I'm really impressed.

Here are some questions about the program.

Say the answers to yourself and then
click on the question to see my answer.

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In the UK, when you compliment someone they often respond with an amusing comment such as 'What are you after?' which means 'What do you want from me?'. Or alternatively they will return the compliment.Why do you think they do this? What happens in your country?