English at Work - The Interview

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In the box write about how you felt the day before an importnat interview.

Anna is on a bus going to an interview for a job as a sales executive at Tip Top Trading – one of London's fastest growing companies.
Listen to the extract below. You may find it difficult so play back as many times as you wish before looking at the transcript

Here are some of the words and phrases you will hear:

a little nervous, say the right things, you need to sell yourself, listening in, particularly proud of, timekeeping is important, makes a change, get rid of.

Here are some questions about the program

  1. Is Anna relaxed?
  2. Where is Anna going?
  3. What is Tip Top Trading?
  4. Who is Paul?
  5. Who interrupts them?
  6. What looks impressive?
  7. What did Anna do at university?
  8. Who is Denise?
  9. What did she forget?
  10. What does Paul eat and drink?