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Dictagloss 2_6 Battles on the home front

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Discuss these questions with a friend if you can

What is the most popular newspaper in your country?
Has the Internet replaced newspapers?

Dictagloss Exercise

It's best to work with someone else on this exercise

You are going to listen to a short passage about newspapers.
Here are some of the words you will hear. You can double click on a word for its definition

to drive him crazy, to drive me up the wall, to nag, to despair, at hand, disobedient, harmony

Play the passage 2 or 3 times making notes but don't just reproduce it.
Then, together, discuss your notes and agree on a re-construction of the passage without listening again.
This is not a dictation; you are not expected to reproduce the passage exactly.
The idea is that your writing is grammatically correct and conveys the meaning of the passage.
When you have submitted your text press on the button below to see the original passage.

In English the Passive Voice is used for an action that has been carried out by the object of the verb.

Each sentence below is in active verb form. Read each sentence and then change it to the passive voice.

Click on the question to see an answer.